Techniques & Pattern Errata


Knitting Techniques

Several of my patterns have links included for video tutorials I have made for specific techniques or stitches used. Visit my library of tutorials through my YouTube channel HERE.


Pattern Errata 

I do my best to provide clear and accurate pattern designs, but sometimes my tech editor and I miss something! When this happens, I update the PDF file and send a new copy to all Ravelry buyers via e-mail. If you think your pattern may include an error and you did not receive an email update/ do not see it on this list, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you shortly. I take pattern errors seriously and do my best to respond with any necessary fixes as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for your understanding! 



Boho Texture Collage:

March 2022: In the woven section in Section 5, Row 6 should read: 

K1, kfb, (sl3 wyib, p3) to 4 sts from marker, sl3 wyib, p1, SM, p4, (sl3 wyib, p3) to last 5 sts, sl3 wyib, kfb, k1. — 2 sts inc

Capsule Tee:

The gauge SHOULD be 24 sts over 4 " NOT 20 sts.
June 2019: On Page 2 The Increase Row SHOULD read:  RS: k2, m1, k to last 2 sts, m1, k2.
On the Shoulder Decreases on page 3 the last stitch count for binding off sts SHOULD read: BO remaining 12 (13, 16, 13, 18, 19) sts.

Elephant Promenade:

July 2019: On page 4 when working the short rows, after repeating rows 3-4 the next line had a missing DS, the lie SHOULD read: Next Row (RS): DS, Knit to end of round marker, incorporating DS together as one st when you get them by knitting them together. 

 Erie Marsh:

June 2017: The gauge for the pattern should read: 24 sts and 30 rows over 4" in stockinette


November 2018: The directions for the 4 st cables in the key were switched, they should read: 

4/4 LC:  place 4 sts on a cable needle and hold in front, k4, k4 from cable needle. 

4/4 RC: place 4 sts on a cable needle and hold in back, k4, k4 from cable needle. 

Good Day Tee:

April 2020: Page 5 under the Front Right Panel on the line that begins AT THE SAME TIME, it SHOULD say: work the RS Top Edge Shoulder Shaping Decrease Row (below) every 6 (8, 8, 10) (10, 10, 12, 12)th row (always a RS row)) a total of 6 times. The same should be done for the back top shoulders on pages 6 and 7 (Size 1 had a typo and previously was listed at 8)


October 2017: Round 28 has a typo, it SHOULD read:  k2, (mb, k3) around to last 2 sts k2.

Home Again:

November 2017: On page 4, Row 3 of the Body Rows had a typo, it SHOULD read: Row 3: Work the first 16 sts in ribbing as established, sm, work Row 3 of Chart (3, 4, 5) [ 6, 7, 8] times, sm, k1, p1, k1, sm, work Row 3 of Chart (14, 15, 16) [18 , 20, 21] times, sm, k1, p1, k1, sm, work Row 3 of Chart (3, 4, 5) [ 6, 7, 8] times, sm, work the last 16 sts in ribbing as established.

March 2019: On page 10 the instructions for the 4 st 8 Row Repeat Flat (body): Row 2 SHOULD read: Row 2: (k1, p1) twice  


January 2017: The bust measurements should read as follows: 36 (40, 44, 48, 52)” 

February 2017: Clarification: The pattern sets up the P3 and P2 sts before and between the cable patterns but does not clarify that they should be worked in reverse stockinette throughout (purling on the RS and knitting on the WS)


February 2018: Clarification on the charts: The key tells which stitch to use on the RS, the wrong side rows should be reversed. So for the blank square you knit on the RS and purl on the WS and the - square you purl on the RS and knit on the WS.

Knitflix and Chill: 

November 2017: The last line of page 2 SHOULD read: 

WS: k3, kyok, p to last 4 sts, kyok, k3 (19 sts)


February 2017:  Sleeve Cap Decrease Section SHOULD read: 

All sizes on the next two rows bind off 3 sts at the beginning of the row.*Bind off 2 sts at the beginning of the next two rows once and one st at the beginning of the next 2 rows once.

Repeat bind offs from the * another (5, 5, 5, 6, 6) times (18, 18, 18, 20, 20) sts remaining. 

All sizes bind off 3 sts at the beginning of next 2 rows once (12, 12, 12, 14, 14) sts remaining

Bind off remaining sts


-The Double Decrease Symbol on Chart C should be on row 5 centered between the yarn overs (not on row 3)


Clarification on how to make the bobble st in the center of the chart: To make 5 go to the indicated space and with your right needle reach down and pull up a strand of yarn through the indicated st 4 rows down, place that loop on your left needle.

Then into that loop, (k1, p1, k1, p1, k1) (5 new sts made out of the puled up loop are now on your right needle and the original pulled up loop is on your left needle.
Next drop off that pulled up loop that is on the left needle.
(you will still have the 5 made sts on the right needle)
Continue working from the chart, you should have 2 purl sts, followed by the bobble, followed by 2 purl sts. 
YOUTUBE video for how to make the bobble st:

2018: An update was sent out to ravelry purchasers updating the charts and clarifying the pattern, if you did not receive it send me an email.


May 2017: Error in Chart 2 on Row 7, the center stitch is shown as a yarn over but it should be a knit through the back loop stitch.


Spring Hopes Cowl:

February 2021:  On the chart on Round 58 the first stitch in the row should be worked in CC2 NOT in CC3