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I first came across Twill & Print on Instagram (Oh how I LOVE instagram!) and I fell in love with Tiffany's gorgeous project bags! So much so that I ordered one for myself for Christmas! I love project bags, they're my new obsession. And as someone who always has several projects going on at once I can usually find a reason to justify getting another bag :) I love that these bags can double as a project bag and handbag, they look that good! And they are super high quality, thick sturdy canvas, leather handles, and lots of pockets and places to store all of your notions! Read on to hear a little more about the Twill & Print story! 

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tiffany, I live in Montreal, although my dream is to move out of the city and live in a cozy country house. My hair changes length and colour so frequently, people often don’t recognize me. I love animals, and treasure that I get to spend my days with my dogs. I originally studied illustration and design, but never really found anything I enjoyed enough to do every day until I founded Twill & Print three years ago. Textiles are the thing I work with the most but secretly I usually have at least one room in my house I’m renovating, two old doors/windows I’m salvaging, and half dozen other half finished projects laying around. I love to learn new things, knitting was on the new skills wish list for a long time, and it’s something I’ve become very passionate about. I’m also learning ukulele and hoping to start pottery lessons in the spring.
What brought you to create these bags and products?
My favourite and often most functional products are designed based on a need I feel in my own life. My project bag for example, was designed because I always hope I’ll have time to knit when I leave the house; on the bus, in line somewhere, etc. I wanted a bag that had all the storage I’d need to carry around my knitting, but also serve as a functional (and pretty) handbag so I didn’t have to carry anything else.
Where and how are they made?
Everything is made in my home in Montreal. A big room in our house is dedicated studio/ workspace where I cut, screen print, dye, sew and rivet every single thing by hand. It’s a labour of love, and I try my very best not to ever take it for granted.
What inspires your choice of color and design aesthetic?
I always find this question difficult to answer. I offer a really wide range of items because I’m inspired by so many things, I also try to challenge my own aesthetic as much as I can. I love florals, and my gut instinct is always ‘this would look great in teal or purple’, but I try to work beyond that and explore geometric shapes and textures and try to find new sources of inspiration. That’s not to say that I don’t ever print florals, or make purple things, because that’s just so obviously untrue. 
I’m hugely inspired by the natural materials I work with, I try to design around that, so that their natural beauty is not lost. I always want to offer products in 100 different colour ways, weaning them down is a huge exercise in patience and ignoring self doubt. Sometimes I’m even surprised by the colours that make the cut, for example, I was pleasantly surprised when the new collection came down to monochromatic and metallic prints!
What new products are you most excited about?
I’ll be releasing a Bucket Bag designed specifically for makers, and I’m SO excited to say that it will finally be available this week. It started out as just a simple storage basket, and it turned into so much more. Its really versatile and makes a great accessory for makers and creatives of all kinds.
Do you have any advice for other creatives wanting to start a business?
Jump in, don’t wait until everything’s perfect, until everything’s ready, because it’s never going to feel that way. You will learn more and way faster by doing, make mistakes and soldiering on. All the best laid plans in the world may very well go right out the window once you see the totally unique path your business will take while it grows. I originally thought I wanted to make clothing, and my business slowly changed around me, so that it was more successful and I was happier for it. Be adaptable, open minded and don’t be so hard on yourself (something I have to remind myself on a regular basis), if it was easy, it wouldn’t feel so damned rewarding ;)
What is in your project bag right now?
The Portage cardigan by Melissa Schaschwary in a totally splurgy merino wool/ cashmere blend.
You can find Tiffany and Twill & Print online in the following places:

Tiffany is generously offering a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner! The winner will receive one of her handmade leather pouches (perfect for holding stitch markers and other small notions)! 


Eden is the Winner! Thank you to all who entered!



Clam & Purl

Just my luck my comment double posted! Just want to reiterate I really love your muted and metallic pallete. Right on point. How did we get here? Need calmness and clarity. Reflection and treats. ✨

Clam & Purl

Hi! Please enter me I love your aesthetic. Recently lost my stash house home and all but a few special belongings. Building back up. Just happy to be conscious again and broke the Internet a bit. Ever get kicked off blocked on Twitter and Instagram? They don’t like CAPS or &&&& Ampersands. But why not? So purdy. Let’s collab? Share? I’m really just having hard time and trying to stay connected when I haven’t been in 28 years. I can listen too!!


Gorgeous bags! I’d like one of each!


Love it!

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