Pairing Shawls with your Summer Wardrobe

When the temperatures start to rise, our hand knit wardrobe can start to disappear. Do you stop wearing your hand knits in the summer? Have a hard time figuring out how they fit into your summer wardrobe? Read on because I am gong to share some ways I like to incorporate my hand knit shawls into my summer style! I will show many different examples of outfits and shawls from my own wardrobe below, but my main intention is to help give you ideas for pairing your own wardrobe with ALLLLL those shawls you worked so hard to make!

1. Dress for the Occasion

Think about your wardrobe in terms of your plans. Are you going for a walk on the beach? Try pairing a crisp linen shawl with shorts and a tank.

Going on a romantic date? Try pairing a silky or lacy shawl with lots of drape with a flowing dress.


 Or maybe you are at a get together with friends after a long, hot day and as the sun is going down you snuggle up next to a fire. An oversized warm wool shawl may be the perfect accessory to bring along!

2. Pair for Color

Choose a color you want to accentuate out of a busy dress and pair a shawl to bring attention to that shade.

Or maybe color isn't what you're going for at all. Maybe you are feeling simple, fresh, and minimalist. Pair your neutrals up with simple solid shawls for a clean aesthetic. 

3. Match your Mood

Are you feeling lighthearted and fun? Grab a bright color work shawl to bring along with you to your knitting group!

Feeling pretty and girly? Wear one of your favorite dresses with some stripy sandals and a lacy shawl as you go to share coffee with a friend.

Maybe you are feeling funky and bohemian and you want something to show your earth mama side. Pair some warm autumn tones with a pair of birkenstocks and your favorite earthy colored shawls and wraps. Rustic and tweedy yarns are great for this effect.

You don't always need a specific reason for pulling out a shawl in the summer, maybe you just want to show off all of your hard knitting work. You don't want to wear wool when its hot out, I get it. But isn't it nice to have something to snuggle with when you step into that air conditioning? So next time you go to a coffee shop, the movies, the refrigerated isle in the grocery store, really anywhere thats cool-- grab your favorite shawl to bring along!

You work so hard to knit up a collection of shawls, don't stuff them away for the summer, keep them out and be intentional about fitting them into your wardrobe all year long!

If you are having a hard time incorporating your hand knit shawls into your summer wardrobe try picking out a few dresses and outfits and lining them up as I did here and you may inspire yourself! Do you have other tips for keeping your hand knits out all year around? Share them below!

Shawls Pictured: 

Linen Triangle (Coming Soon!)

Vintage Bloom

Wild and Free


All Good Things

Boho Chic Shawl

Pitter Patter



Grosse Ile Wrap


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