Mystic Shawls


Today I am so excited to share two sister shawls! Meet Wild Mystic and Natural Mystic! I started designing one and wanted to make another one with some of the same design elements so I decided to create two! Read below to hear each shawls story...

The Wild Mystic Shawl is a large Pi shawl knit from the center out. The shawl features various sections of medallions, 2 color brioche, eyelets and garter ridges with a knit on fringy edging. This shawl is a varied, fun knitting experience with radial increases sections cleverly hidden in with the eyelets! Knit up in earthy rustic tones in Brooklyn Tweed Loft it is a super squishy, warm, bohemian shawl.


Natural Mystic is a large rectangular wrap which features various stitch patterns and colors. This bohemian, earthy wrap was inspired by the earth’s elements; it showcases raindrops, ridges and stockinette sections.  First, a center panel is knit and then stitches are picked up around the edges and the rest of the wrap is worked from the center out, increasing at each of the four corners. A smooth and stretchy I-cord bind off is worked on the outermost edge. The design is knit up in O-Wool Local which blends alpaca and wool to give this wrap softness, warmth, and a lovely drape.

You can find both patterns for PDF download on Ravelry at my designer page HERE

Printed patterns will be available in the online shop soon!





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