Linen Triangle

The linen triangle is a simple assymetical shawl featuring linen yarn and the linen stitch. It is knit large to be a crisp and cozy wrap but the size can easily be changed. The textured pattern creates an interesting fabric with a minimalist aesthetic. The linen yarn makes for a light, fresh finished shawl with lovely drape, weight, and comfort during knitting and wearing in the hot summer months.

Finished Dimensions: 

83” X 64” X 37”


  • Quince and Co. Kestrel yarn

 Heavy Worsted Weight linen yarn. 

-Approximately 825 yards


  • Size 5 (3.75mm)


Instructions for Shawl:

Cast on 312 sts 

Row 1: k2tog, (k1, sl1 with yarn in front) to end

Row 2: ( p1, sl 1 with yarn in back) to last 2 sts, k2tog

Thats it! Seriously! So easy!

To change the size of the shawl simply adjust the number of sts you cast on (keeping an even number of sts).


*Please share photos of your project on the Ravelry Pattern Page, I would LOVE to see how they turn out! You can use #Linen Triangle or #peaceloveandwool or tag me @bohochicfiberco on Instagram to share your work!

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