Gratitude KAL

I am excited to announce I am hosting my very first Knit Along!

The KAL is for my new hat pattern Gratitude! Gratitude is a fun spirited, textured hat knit from the top down. It features ribbing, garter stitch and bobbles. The pattern includes a small (fitted) version in DK weight yarn and a large (slouchy) version in Worsted Weight yarn to satisfy different moods! Designed to be knit as a gift and given away to someone you have gratitude for. It is a quick knit and a fun stash buster with a good purpose!

I have three kids under 5, that means coffee is important to me… really, REALLY important. I also have a 15 month old that will only nap in the car (yes I’ll admit I am THAT mom driving around her baby pretty much every afternoon). I’ve come to accept that this is the way we make it through our day = coffee + car naps. So I now look forward to nap time as a time where I can have a coffee, podcast, and knit. Often I bring a cup from home, sometimes I drive through Starbucks and get a coffee with soy (sometimes with an extra shot of espresso…) not every day, but often enough that I have gotten familiar with a few of the baristas. There is one in particular who ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. He is friendly, always has something to say besides small talk about the weather and has even give me a free drink a couple of times (shhhhh don’t tell management)! One day we chatted about knitting (he had seen my projects in my lap or on the driver seat several times before. And he jokingly asked me when I was going to knit him something. 

This got me thinking, one of the ways I show my gratitude and appreciation for someone is by making them something. So I decided to make him a hat and use it as an opportunity for others to spread a little gratitude as well! And so the gratitude hat was born!

The purpose of this KAL is to make the hat and give it to someone you are thankful for!  BUT the trick is to give it to someone often overlooked, someone who is always there in your community lending a hand and giving to others, the mailman, bus driver, fire fighter, police officer, nurse, babysitter, volunteers working at voting locations, librarian, the check out lady at the grocery store…  or in my case the friendly barista at Starbucks. This is what I think is going to make the KAL super fun and engaging! 


Pattern Release: Tuesday October 4th, you can find it HERE

Dates of the KAL: Friday October7- Friday October 21st. (2 weeks)

The pattern will be available for 25% off from Tues Oct 4- Saturday Oct 8th with code: "GKAL"

The KAL will be hosted on my Ravelry group HERE

Go ahead over and join so you can share photos and comment along on the post!


When you finish your hat take a photo of it (it can be on you BUT bonus points if its on the person you give it to) AND post it as a project in ravelry linking it to the project page HERE

Include in the notes a quick story about who you gave it to and why.

At the end I will choose 3 winners (based on the story/ photo and how the hat turned out) and the winner will receive hand spun of hand dyed yarns from my online shop, photos of yarns to come...

you can also share on instagram with #GratitudeKAL or #livebreatheknit and tag me @bohochicfiberco, but the winner will be chosen ONLY from completed hat photos and stories linked to the project page!

I look forward to seeing the hats you create and hearing your stories about all the awesome people in your community that you plan to give them to! 

Peace & Love,



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