Della Q


 I recently purchased a circular needle case from my local yarn shop Spun in Ann Arbor, MI. For years I had struggled with a bin full of circulars all mixed together, it was a MESS and I could never find what I was looking for/ things got tangled/ and it took forever to simply find the right needle for a new project! I love organization, it makes life easier, takes away stress and frustration, and just feels good. And as a knitwear designer who works from home with my kids, every minute counts! So I was thrilled when I came across these awesome needle cases. There are a variety of colors and styles available, the one I chose has sections for my fixed circulars and DPNS, all labeled by sizes clearly making it a breeze to find exactly what I need at any given time. It folds and wraps up neatly for storage as well.  I shared a photo on instagram and everyone went WILD over it! So I reached out to Della and she agreed to tell us more about her lovely company! Read on to hear a bit of her story and enter for your chance to win a case for yourself!

Can you share a little about your background and how Della Q was born?

Spoiler alert: I'm not a knitter. Gasp! I know. Crazy. I'm simply an ex-corporate business woman, tired of the rat race, who traveled to SE Asia for five months. When I came home somehow I hatched an idea to import handbags to the US. (It is amazing what one dreams up while sitting in a steamy hot bar in Saigon). Of course, I had no idea how to import. I just figured it out. Within the first couple of months of selling my bags to local boutiques I had several people who were buying them for knitting. Knitting? Hmm. . .I trekked to the local yarn store in my neighborhood in Seattle and they bought one of every style. The ball got rolling from there. More stores bought my bags and my collection grew to include needle cases.

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

I have a team! My team members include:

My rock star social media manager, Cathi, in Indiana who puts up with my scattered brain. My part time project manager, Ariel, who can always find a better way to do something. Thank you! My amazing Vietnamese sewers in Saigon who can create anything and have set a high bar for quality sewing. My loafers, Lucky the dog and Mattie the cat, who don't contribute much other than keeping me company in the studio. My husband, who is my biggest cheerleader and listener. My fabulous sales reps across the US who keep in touch with the local yarn stores.  Finally, my customers, who provide suggestions and inspiration for my products. Without them,
my products would be as boring as a plastic bag!

What does knitting mean to you/ or what project do you have in your bag right now?

I'm not a knitter! Well, I have knit a couple of simple things. I would love to knit a sweater. There are so many amazing patterns out there! Maybe someday. . .

Do you have any advice for other creatives wanting to start a business of their own?

Sometimes you just have to figure things out. Sometimes it is ok to be scrappy, it doesn't have to be perfect. Always share what you learn.

Where can we find Della Q?:

First, check your local yarn store! A current list of our retailers can be found HERE
On the WEB



Della is generously offering TWO lucky winners a free starter collection!!!

The lucky winners are: Karen and Gabrielle! I have sent you an email and attached Della on it so you can claim your prize! Thanks everyone who entered!





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