River Harrison’s Birth Story

We have always loved the name River. Harrison was chosen after my paternal grand father “pop pop” was an amazing father, provider, and man of God. 

River was born at home in the water on July 7, 2015 at 10:30pm. 6 days “late.”

I had been having contractions since 5am that day about 10-20 minutes apart. Josh and I went to the park with the girls and I went for a long walk along Lake Erie while Josh played with the girls. I was hoping this would speed things along and start”real” labor. 

We came home and contractions were still spaced out but getting more uncomfortable. Unfortunately since it was only his second week as an Intern, Josh had to go to the hospital around 6 in the evening. As I suspected once he left the contractions picked up. My mom put the girls to bed, I walked around the house, took a shower, and called the midwife. I called Josh and he got home around 9 shortly followed by the midwives. 

At this point labor was very strong and I wasn't wanting to move around at all and since I was laboring alone the tub wasn't even full yet! So Josh started to fill it and I got in. Everyone was scrambling to get ready and the water got too cool as it filled. I entered into transition and it was getting very difficult to manage the contractions. I remember it being very noisy as they were still preparing for the birth and very distracting and annoying as they were emptying buckets of cool water and filling in new hot water. Fortunately, this phase went quickly. 

My water broke this time before I began pushing and I remember feeling relieved that hopefully it would be over soon! I reached in and felt his head still a couple of knuckles in, but after the first push he came way down and crowned.

Pushing was just a few minutes. As his head was out and I waited for a final push for the body I remember telling myself this is the LAST time you will EVER have to do this so take a breath and get it over with! And out he came! A few minutes later we checked and saw he was a boy! I was pretty surprised and Josh and my mom who was waiting in the other room were thrilled!

He came out so incredibly calm, very different from Edens frantic screaming transition into the world and Junipers dazed bewildered look :) He just quietly gazed up at me and stared lovingly. He was 8 lbs and 21 inches. 

Repair was done by Josh. I didn't prefer this but he wanted to practice his suturing skills and it was a tear beyond what the midwife really felt comfortable with. Latching took quite a while but he finally got on about 2 hours after the birth. 

The next morning the girls were very excited to meet him! 

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