Eden Seraphina's Birth Story

We welcomed our second daughter Eden Seraphina into the world on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 11:07am. The following is my memory of her lovely entry into our lives!





 I started having contractions around 3pm Tuesday on a walk with Juniper. They continued at around 10 minutes apart. I put Juniper to bed and thought that they would pick up. They did get a little stronger and some were closer than 10 minutes. I had been warned that second babies can come FAST especially considering my labor with Juniper was only 6 hours long, so I called our steadfast midwives around 9 pm and Brenda came over. I felt really bad because they labor was not picking up and I was wondering if this was labor at all. Brenda checked me and saw that I was at 5cm so she had Lindsay come over as well.

Contractions continued throughout the night around 10 minutes apart, getting stronger but not closer together. I started getting discouraged wondering how long this would go on this way and if by the time “real” labor started if I would have the energy to make it through. Around 4:30 in the morning contractions had pretty much stopped and Juniper woke up so I went in to nurse her (hoping that it would help my contractions start up again) but nothing happened. We woke up our midwives (one which was sleeping on our couch, the other in her car) and talked for a bit before they decided to go home. Around 7:30 I called them back because contractions had started again stronger and were getting closer together so I felt confident that this was it!

Meanwhile my parents had been driving up from Maryland on Tuesday and so they came over to pick up Juniper and take her for the day. I got in the birth tub at about 8:30am and it felt like heaven. At first it made my contractions slow down. During this time I enjoyed chatting with Josh and Brenda and Lindsay in between. They put some  fresh lilacs in the water and drops of lavender oil it was relaxing and beautiful to run my hands through the water and watch the flowers float around and smell the lovely lavender. I will forever remember these moments and associate lilac and lavender with my Eden. During these contractions I felt more at ease and felt like I was managing this labor better than the first time. I was blowing through contractions and being pretty quiet. 

When it started picking up and getting harder the midwives helped by pouring water over my exposed belly which was getting cold and offering me a cold rag to the back of my neck- both of which felt great. The time came which I remembered well from Juniper’s labor when I needed to hold Josh’s hands during contractions. I felt a sudden wave of nausea and knew now things were progressing and soon my baby would be in my arms. It required a lot more effort to make it through these contractions and I began to have feelings of wishing it would end. When Josh went to get more hot water Lindsay helped by holding my hands. 

When I felt like I couldn’t take any more suddenly the contractions felt different with more downward movement and pressure. Based on the sounds I was making and the surprise in my voice Lindsay asked if they felt different and I told her I don’t know, but then I answered the question by starting to bear down and push.  Again like last time I couldn’t believe the baby would fit through. I feel her head coming down lower and then going back in between contractions and pushes. I tried to break my water but it wouldn’t and then I took Brenda’s advice to try again during a contraction and POP it released. Brenda helped me support my perineum and with a few more pushes the head was out! Quickly following was a shoulder and the rest of the body. Brenda’s hands were there from supporting my bottom and Josh joined her to grab our baby and pull her out of the water!  We held our baby gazed into her eyes and were in awe once again that it was a little life inside of me that whole time!! It was several minutes before we checked the sex, I moved the cord aside and announced it was a girl! i knew it was a girl!

Our little Eden latched on quickly and easily before I even got out of the birthing tub. It was then that we noticed that her hands were tightly clasped, fingers interlaced, in a little prayer position. We made our way to our bed where Eden continued to nurse and our lovely midwives made us a delicious breakfast of eggs toast and sausage. A couple of hours later Juniper came home and got to meet her baby sister, she gave her lots of kisses and snuggled next to her it was such a beautiful moment to see the two of them together!

Ann Lupton

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