Sibley Cowl

Sibley is a simple bandana cowl with buttons along the back neck edge. It is a super easy, super quick knit that will keep you cozy and cute all winter long! Try it with a bulky weight commercially spun yarn, roving style yarn, or hand spun yarn or unique bottoms for a special touch!

Finished Dimensions: 17” long, 21” around 

Yarn: 130 yards of chunky or bulky weight yarn, pictured in Boho Chic Fiber Co. Peace Bulky Targhee Wool Yarn available in the shop HERE

Needles: Size 10.5 (6.5 mm)

Gauge: 14 sts and 20 rows over 4” in stockinette


K: Knit

P: Purl

YO: Yarn Over

CO: Cast on

BO: Bind off

STS: Stitches


  1. Beginning: co 3 sts

row 1: (k1, yo) twice, k1

row 2: k2, p1, k2

row 3: k2, yo, k1, yo, k2

row 4: k2, p3, k2


2    Bandana Body

row 1: k2, yo, k to last 2 sts, yo, k2

row 2: k2, p to last 2 sts, k2

repeat these 2 rows to 53 sts 


3:   Cowl 

row 1: k2 yo, k, k to last 2 sts, yo, k2, co 10 sts. 

row 2: k12, p 51, k2, co 10 (75 sts)

row 3: k all sts

row 4 k2, p61, k12

row 5 k

row 6 k2 p to last 2 k2 


Then work buttonhole rows as described below

4:   Buttonhole rows:

Row 1:

Step 1: k2.  Bring yarn to the front of the work, slip the next stitch purlwise and bring the yarn to the back. *Slip another stitch and pass the previous slipped stitch over (1 stitch bound off ). ; repeat from * until you have bound off desired number of sts  to fit your buttons (I did 2) (do not use working yarn to bind off ).

Step 2: Slip the last stitch on the R needle back to the L needle and turn the work around (WS will be facing you). Insert the R needle between the first and second stitches on the L needle. Wrap yarn around as if to knit and draw up a new loop, place this loop onto the L needle (1 stitch cast on). Continue to CO stitches in this manner until you have CO the number of stitches that were bound off + 1 additional stitch.

Step 3: Turn the work again (RS now facing). Slip the first stitch from the L needle to the R needle and pass the extra cast on stitch over. Slip the last stitch on the R needle back to the L needle and continue as established.

Row 2: k2, p to last 2 sts, k2

*Work row 5-6 of Cowl four more times, then work another bottom hole row. Repeat once more from * (3 buttonholes created). 

5.   k 3 rows and BO all sts

6.    Sew in ends, sew on buttons, and Block

*Pattern by: Annie Lupton, Yarn Spinner, Indie Dyer and owner of Boho Chic Fiber Co. 

 Please share your photos on the Ravelry pattern page and on instagram with #sibleycowl or #peaceloveandwool or tag me @bohochicfiberco I would LOVE to see the amazing cowls you make!!!



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