2017 Dreams

Every season brings with it changes in the earth. I like to embrace these changes and move through the cycle of the year taking time to reflect inwardly along the way. Some seasons come easier than others. There is Spring which brings with it new life, open windows and fresh air, an opening up, blooming and awakening to the world around you. Summer with its long hot days, swimming, sun kissed skin, cold white wine and refreshing drinks, evening runs by the water. And my favorite, Autumn which brings the return of crisp air, the smell of spices and pumpkin, warm coffee and apple cider, rustic leaves and walks through the woods. Winter while beautiful in it's white freshness is a harder season for me to personally connect with, which is why I am so thankful that it also brings with it the new year. A new year to me is more than dates on a calendar, its more than resolutions and a fun late night party. A new year brings a renewed sense of possibility. It represents a clean slate, a book of blank pages, ready to be filled in. With a new year comes gratitude; no matter how long of a december you have had, however difficult or disappointing the previous year (or more importantly your handling of it) has been, there is a new chance to be mindful and change course, to bring your future in a different, more positive direction.

I like to take time at the end of December to go through the previous year, my goals, dreams, and how I handled day to day life and consider how I did. Did I achieve my goals? Were my goals ones that were even worth going after or should I have focused on other more important things to begin with? How were my relationships? There is always room for growth in that category. How did I enjoy or feel stifled by my business? Then when the new year rolls in and I have some alone time I am ready to sit down, make a nice hot drink, open up my journals and workbooks and set forth on a new dream for the new year. Making adjustments from years past and finding the important things I need to focus on in the year ahead. 

This year the word I want to focus on is “Inward.” I struggled last year with desiring success to an unhealthy level and it created a lot of anxiety and negative energy in my life. I've realized this year that it is far more important to enjoy the process, the work I love, than the recognition that I crave from others from it. This quote that Elizabeth recently shared in the Squam Morning on the Dock Podcast really spoke to me…

I have a few personal goals this year which I think will help me to focus on my word and the direction I want to go in: 

-Getting into an early morning alone time routine where I can read, meditate, pray, write, and reflect.

-Being intentional about my thought patterns practicing positive thinking and gratitude and working through my negative thinking patterns and inner critic. 

-Taking the time to step away from “work” and enjoy other creative pursuits and interests just for the joy of it.

-Being more intentional about connecting with other like-minded creative women and making new friends/ developing closer friendships with the inspiring women I already know.

-Continuing to clear out clutter in my house and create a space that feels fresh, beautiful, and peaceful.

-Moving Boho Chic Fiber Co in a new direction...

Over the past few years I have really enjoyed my creative work, making is something that brings me joy and comfort everyday and I cannot imagine a life where I couldn't create. I started off opening my etsy shop to sell my hand spun yarn, added hand dyed yarns, and more recently started designing knitwear. Over the past couple of years I have come to realize that raising 3 kids is a huge endeavor and one that realistically only allows for so many other pursuits. If you follow along with my journey on instagram it has probably become apparent to you that I have fallen deeply in love with designing knitwear. Knitting is truly my first love, its the reason I started spinning to begin with. So I have decided that going forward I will be leaving the hand dyed part of Boho Chic Fiber Co. behind. I will no longer be dyeing and selling mill spun yarns. While dyeing is fun it has never been a true passion of mine. I plan to dye up the remaining yarn I have in my stash and sell it in the shop. I will have 2 more shows this year (one in Ann Arbor, and at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) and then I will not longer be regularly vending at shows. I will still remain to spin and sell yarn on a smaller scale as that serves a meditative purpose in my life.  Leaving the dyeing behind will allow me to focus on the design part of my business much more, which I really look forward to. This has been a tough decision in some ways, but I really believe doing what I love will bring me the most joy and that when we do what we are passionate about it others will resonate with it more deeply. 

Thank you for your support thus far and going forward! I appreciate every single person who has ever bought a skein of yarn or pattern from me, it means the world to me! I look forward to seeing what 2017 holds and dreaming new big dreams and I hope you will continue to walk along with me on this beautiful, creative journey!

Peace & Love,



Terry Thorson

So sorry to see the yarn end. The shawl I made from two colors of Wild never fails to bring compliments, and I attribute most of that to the beautiful yarn.


Thank you so much for sharing! So much of what you said spoke to me as a mother, a creative, business owner, etc.
I’m also feeling like 2017 id going to be such a different and exciting year. Can’t wait to see what you design! (and I’ll have to get my hands on some of your yarn before it’s too late ?)

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