Rainboho Shawl Sample

$ 60.00

This listing is for the finished Rainboho Shawl. Rainboho is an asymmetrical triangle shaped shawl knit from side to side. Starting with just once garter ridge row in each color and slowly increasing in thickness. Knit up in Brooklyn Tweed Loft it is 100% wool and will felt so it should be washed in lukewarm water gently and laid out to dry, DO NOT put this shawl through the washer and dryer or it will be ruined.

The shawl is in great condition, barely ever used, it may however need to be re-blocked after shipping.

Price was determined by quality of the yarn and how long it took to knit.

I do have a dog in my home so there could possibly be a couple of hairs on it but all of my designs are kept up and away from him so it would be very minimal if any.

 All sales final, no returns on this purchase. 

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